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All content with label marcxml.
Related Labels: 00code00, zotero, unapi, export, iso2709, metalib, external, marc8, search, utf-8, sru, ris, dc, basic, marc, conversion, nelli-tuning

Page: Multipurpose MARC Export Script (Voyager Code Contributions)
Tags: Last Updated: Description is a small multipurpose script that can be used to export MARC records from Voyager according to different criteria (bib id list, bib id range, list of identifiers etc.). It can do a bit ...
Other labels: basic, marc, export, iso2709
Page: SRU External Search Program (MetaLib Code Contributions)
Tags: Last Updated: The SRU External Search Program provides SRU, SRUP and SRW search functionality for MetaLib. Supports autoconfiguration using explain response from the server. Supported metadata schemas are MARCXML, UniMARC in XML, Dublin Core (including ...
Other labels: 00code00, external, sru, search, dc
Page: unAPI support for MetaLib (MetaLib Code Contributions)
Tags: Last Updated: Description unAPI support for MetaLib to enable e.g. Zotero or any other browser plugin with unAPI support to retrieve records directly from MetaLib. unAPI interface is exposed on the full record display. It does ...
Other labels: basic, nelli-tuning, metalib, zotero, unapi, ris
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