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All content with label export.
Related Labels: marcxml, sfx, iso2709, ims, openurl, aleph, webvoyage, intermediate, advanced, ris, presentation, refworks, elympics, basic, voyager, meeting, endnote, marc, xslt, more »

Page: Basic URL Export for SFX 4 (SFX Code Contributions)
Tags: Last Updated: Description Basic URL Export for SFX 4 with additional proxy flag information (only active targets, services and portfolios). Main motivation behind this module/program is that the SFX 4 URL Export is broken out of the box ...
Other labels: basic
Page: Export ebooks from ALEPH to SFX (Aleph Code Contributions)
Tags: Last Updated: Description Finding workflows for handling ebooks between systems can be a challenge. We load MARC records into our ALEPH catalog for all of our ebooks. Maintaining ebooks in both the catalog and SFX is a problem as they often are out ...
Other labels: sfx, e-books, aleph, advanced
Page: Multipurpose MARC Export Script (Voyager Code Contributions)
Tags: Last Updated: Description is a small multipurpose script that can be used to export MARC records from Voyager according to different criteria (bib id list, bib id range, list of identifiers etc.). It can do a bit ...
Other labels: basic, marc, marcxml, iso2709
Page: Tomcat WebVoyage Enhancer (Voyager Code Contributions)
Tags: Last Updated: Description WebVoyáge Enhancer is a perl daemon that sits between Apache and Tomcat. It intercepts requests and responses and allows customisation of responses before they reach Apache and user's browser. WebVoyáge Enhancer has a modular design, and most of the builtin ...
Other labels: webvoyage, intermediate, xslt, ims, vle, elympics, openurl, sfx
Page: Voyager MARC Exports (Presentations)
Event Developer Meets Developer, March 2011 \\ Date March 9, 2011 \\ Presenter Michael Doran, University of Texas at Arlington \\ Abstract There are alternatives to the Pmarcexport utility for getting MARC data out of Voyager. Creating your own export script ...
Other labels: presentation, voyager, meeting, oracle_functions, marc
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